Looking for and finding a new position as an attorney can be a daunting task. The legal job market is incredibly competitive, and for every position posted, there are countless applicants. As a job seeker, applying to jobs in a timely manner can be frustrating and time-consuming. 

At Garcia Legal Search, we understand the intricacies of Cherry Hill’s legal market. That’s why our primary goal is to make placements with integrity and professionalism.

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Legal Recruiters

As an attorney, your reputation is vital. As such, when submitting your resume to ads or postings you want to make the right impression. Using a legal recruiter can alleviate the stress involved in the process and ensure that your resume is presented professionally to the law firms and companies that are a good match. Legal recruiters, such as the professionals at Garcia Legal Search, will listen and consider your needs while placing you with the firm or company best aligned with your personal and professional goals.

Legal recruiters utilize different methods. At Garcia Legal Search, we will only send your resume with your express permission, ensuring that we have discussed the job qualifications thoroughly and that you agree with the job submission. Our company strives to provide every client and candidate with one-of-a-kind solutions that meet their needs. 

We offer our candidates information on firms and companies to help them make an educated decision. When appropriate, we can have you speak with and ask questions of current partners and associates in a non-interview setting.  

What Legal Recruiters in Cherry Hill Do?

As legal recruiters, our goal is to learn the specific needs and nuances of our client and then match them with the highest qualified attorneys. We have a deep understanding of the market and relationships with corporate leaders, as well as firsthand knowledge of how corporate legal departments and law firms function. 

Contact your Cherry Hill-based legal recruiters at Garcia Legal Search today for their exclusive attorney placement and recruitment services.

How Do We Help Candidates

At Garcia Legal Search, all of our legal recruiters are attorneys who know the struggles and challenges of making a career change. We offer an expert and proven approach to your legal job search by identifying your short and long-term goals, focusing on your skills, and finding the best opportunity to provide you with a positive outcome. We will also help you navigate the interview process, including meetings and follow-up with you along the way.

Because the legal job market is constantly changing, new methods for interviewing, finding, and prospective onboarding candidates are always evolving. Most of our attorney placements are for job positions that our clients never advertise. Before contacting potential employers, it is best to reach out to a legal recruiter who can assist you in building a professional profile and can find you attorney jobs in Cherry Hill. 

At Garcia Legal Search, we strategically partner with top law firms and corporations to assist them in finding the best and brightest legal talents. We understand that a legal job search means more than matching candidates with clients. We first want to get to know you and your expectations. 

By using our legal recruitment services, you can apply for opportunities and become more comfortable with video and phone interviews. Our legal consultants also have solid ties with the community, facilitating the recruitment and placement process. Because we understand the shifting nature of the legal market, we will work closely with you to help you define your career goals.

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At Garcia Legal Search, our team carefully reviews your resume. Our simple yet proven methodology will ensure that your resume reflects your best self while achieving the desired impression. If needed, we will assist you with your LinkedIn profile, as one of our primary goals is to highlight your personal and professional achievements. 


Besides helping you create a solid resume, we will also assist you with the interview process. We will start by sending biographies of the interviewing attorneys. Moreover, we can share law firm demographics, diversity statistics, and their largest practice areas.

Follow Up

When you receive a job offer from a law firm or company, our legal recruiters will assist you in analyzing their offer and presenting a counteroffer if appropriate. Our legal consultants will provide you and our clients with detailed and specific salary guides to ensure that you are satisfied with the offered benefits and compensation.

Legal Recruiters in Your Area

Garcia Legal Search is exclusively devoted to attorney placement. As New Jersey’s top legal recruiting search firm, we enable attorneys to connect with positions that may not be advertised. All of our legal recruiters have worked within the legal industry. When you work with us, we do our best to return emails and phone calls within one business day, keep your information and personal data secure and follow up after placement. At Garcia Legal Search, our consultants know the latest law firm needs to assist your legal recruitment search. 

We understand the ever-changing landscape of the legal world and focus on ensuring that we place attorneys with the highest level of integrity. Call Cherry Hill’s premier legal recruiters for help finding the best prospective attorney candidates and legal employers. Contact us today, and with your specific criteria in mind, we will embark on a legal job search to find the ideal fit for your company or law firm.

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