Whether you are looking for a new legal career opportunity or the ideal legal hire, the Garcia Legal Search team has you covered. As the premier legal search firm in Jersey City and Florida, we bring an unrivaled and enduring track record of delivering successful results to all our candidates and clients. We understand that candidates may need help finding a perfect fit in your preferred practice area and with a competitive salary package. 

That is why developing a comprehensive understanding of the latest recruiting and hiring trends within the legal industry is vital. Such information can keep you a step ahead while helping you find a new legal job. 

With the ever-changing and evolving landscape in legal hiring, law firms have changed their recruiting, training, and retention methods. Because of this, working with a Jersey City recruiter like Garcia Legal Search is the optimal choice. Our combination of insider knowledge and outside perspectives of the firms and companies we recruit for allows us to fully understand our clients’ unique needs. 

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Jersey City Attorney Placement

Here at Garcia Legal Search, we take pride in the level of counsel and service we provide to every candidate. Whether you are a seasoned attorney, a junior associate, or need a short-term contract or permanent job, we provide placement services that will lead you to a fulfilling new career. Because we advocate for you, we will take the time to learn your motivations, background, skills, and career desires. We will then thoughtfully introduce you to corporations and Jersey City law firms and corporations that align with what is of greatest importance to you. 

Garcia Legal Search’s team has a vested interest in your unique attorney journey because we believe that your success is our success. Our team is not looking for a quick win. Instead, we want to stay connected, whether you remain at one law firm for your whole career or come back to us for a later legal career transition. Our consultants have deep roots within the legal community, thus enhancing our attorney placement and recruitment process. Furthermore, our legal recruiters will discuss your legal career goals and desired path to assist us in placing you in the best position for professional growth.

Securing a new legal position does not have to be challenging or stressful. Garcia Legal Search is here to support your legal job search, regardless of how short or long that could be. We will stand by your side throughout the entire process and ensure that you have all your questions answered and the details you need to make informed decisions. 

Placement and Recruitment Process

So, how does the placement and recruitment process work? Due to our solid ties within the legal community, you can use us as a trusted resource. The process includes the following steps:


When you are submitting your resume for attorney jobs in Jersey City, please be sure to include a professionally written biography mentioning your education, experience, and skills. Our legal recruiters and professional consultants will listen to your objectives and search for opportunities that match your goals. We can also provide guidance on your resume, ensuring that it reflects your best self, highlights your professional and personal achievements, and makes a strong impression. 


From sending your resume to assisting you with the interview process, providing insight into the law firms preferences, and ensuring your attorney placement is made, we will make sure to place you with the firm best aligned with your professional and personal goals. 

Follow Up

When you are presented with a legal job offer by a company or law firm, our team will assist you in analyzing the offer and, when appropriate, presenting a counteroffer. We will work with you to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the offered compensation package and benefits. 

How We Can Help Candidates

At Garcia Legal Search, our professional consultants are attorneys who deeply comprehend the challenges of making a career change. Hence, the relationships we cultivate with our candidates and clients begin from the initial call because we recognize that relationships are much more than just names and resumes. Our candidates should feel secure in the knowledge that we take the time to understand your needs and values and understand that our goal is to always provide the best legal opportunity, not just the next opportunity.

Many of our attorney placements are for positions that were never advertised. In other words, at Garcia Legal Search, we provide a proven and expert approach to your attorney job search. Our methodology will help you and other candidates identify short and long-term goals, define qualities that can give you a competitive edge, and find the ideal opportunities that offer tremendous success. 

Legal Recruiters in Jersey City, NJ

With more than 20 years of combined attorney recruiting experience, our marketplace knowledge, assessment skills, and vast network of connections set us apart as trusted advisors in the legal recruiting industry. At Garcia Legal Search, we invest significant effort and time in listening to every candidate, delving beyond a surface-level discussion about previous experience, education, and alma maters to better understand our candidates. 

We are devoted exclusively to attorney placement because all our recruiters have worked within the legal industry. Contact Garcia Legal Search, the premier legal recruiter, to help you find the best legal employers and potential attorney candidates. 

Because we understand the ever-changing legal industry landscape, we focus on ensuring that we place attorneys with the highest level of integrity. Call us for assistance with attorney recruiting and placing top-tier candidates.

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