Searching for a new legal position and finding the ideal company or law firm, in the desired location, can seem like a daunting task. Too often, attorneys find themselves needing help finding a good fit within a corporation or law firm in their chosen practice area, and with a competitive salary. That is why it is essential to start understanding the legal industry’s current recruiting and legal hiring trends. Understanding legal recruiting basics can keep you a step ahead while helping you simplify the task of advancing your legal career. 

With the ever-changing landscape in the legal industry, most law firms have changed their recruiting, training, and retention methods. Now is the ideal time to work with a Newark, New Jersey legal recruiter like Garcia Legal Search. While there are a number of recruiters from which you can choose, at Garcia Legal Search, we have the knowledge, resources, experience, and skillset to guide you through the process in a professional yet seamless way designed to lead you to your dream job.

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How Legal Recruiters Can Help You

As an attorney in Newark, NJ, your reputation is priceless. Blindly submitting your resume to various postings and ads may not result in the impression you want to make with a potential employer. However, using a legal recruiter, whether it is for hiring or serving as your advocate, can help provide the right impression and alleviate some of the stress involved in the process.  

At Garcia Legal Search, professionalism is our priority. Our firm is built on the vision of providing every client and candidate with tailored solutions that will meet their needs. Beyond that, we are proud to be the premier provider of attorney recruitment in Newark, NJ, and to have carefully designed our operations to be applicable to all of our candidates’ needs. 

Our proven methodology helps our candidates pinpoint their short and long-term goals, define their qualities to give them a competitive edge, and ultimately, find the ideal opportunity that provides them with success. An advantage of our attorney placements in Newark, NJ, is that many of our placements are for positions that were never advertised by our clients. 

Additionally, we try to arrange for you to talk with and ask candid questions of current partners and associates in a non-interview setting. We also provide our candidates with firm data and that provides tailored firm information to assist with the decision-making process.

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The legal job market landscape is constantly changing, and new methods of finding, interviewing and retaining prospective candidates is challenging. Many law firms and corporations are seeking both attorneys and paralegals, ready for interviews, and in some instances, offering remote start for new hires. 

Before contacting a potential employer, it is best to contact a legal recruiter who will guide and assist you in building a professional profile and resume; someone who has a comprehensive understanding and deep roots within the legal community. Utilizing the services of a legal recruiter will considerably increase your chances of finding a company or firm that aligns with your career goals and needs.

At Garcia Legal Search, by using our services, our candidates can continue to apply for new job opportunities and become comfortable with video and phone interviews. Because all of our consultants are attorneys, they have impressive ties within the community, boosting the recruitment and placement process. We comprehend the shifting nature of the legal market and will work tirelessly to define your career goals clearly.


At Garcia Legal Search, we also provide guidance on your resume and how to improve it. Our simple yet proven methodology ensures that your profile and resume reflect your best skills and achievements designed to achieve the desired impression. We can also assist with Linkedin profiles if needed. Our primary goal is to emphasize your professional and personal accomplishments across all social platforms. With Garcia Legal Search by your side, your achievements will shine brighter.


Our legal recruiters and consultants can help you with the interview process as well. We will send biographies of the interviewing attorneys and deliver insight into their preferences while preparing detailed reports for you. These can show the firm’s demographics, diversity statistics, and largest practice areas which will help you tremendously.

Follow Up

When presented you with a job offer by a firm or company in Newark, NJ, our legal recruiters will assist you in examining the offer and proposing a counteroffer when appropriate. Furthermore, we will work with you to ensure that both and the employer are satisfied with the offered compensation and benefits.

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Why Law Firms and Corporations Should Choose Garcia Legal Search

Garcia Legal Search has strategically partnered with top Newark law firms and corporations to assist them in finding the brightest legal talents. As the legal recruitment leader in many areas of the country for over 18 years, we have a broad network of attorney candidates. Our team knows that finding an attorney is more than just matching clients and candidates. We want to know you, your expectations, and your firm culture. Our objective is to make the ideal placement every time by finding attorneys with the perfect skills and temperament to align with your firm’s needs. 

Our approach starts with a discussion with you, where we get to know your business, culture, and goals. With your specific criteria in mind, we embark on an attorney search to find the perfect fit for your law firm or company. 

We are devoted exclusively to attorney placement. All of our legal recruiters are attorneys who have worked within the legal industry. Call Newark’s premier legal recruiters to get help finding the best potential attorney candidates and legal employers. We understand the ever-changing landscape of the legal world, so we focus on ensuring that we place attorneys with the highest level of integrity. Contact your Newark-based legal recruiters at Garcia Legal Search today for exclusive attorney placement and recruitment services.

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