If you’re looking to join a new law firm or change jobs and step up to a senior attorney role or perhaps another focus area, expect to commit many hours to your job search. In Florida, Tallahassee in particular, the job market can be exceedingly competitive when it comes to positions for attorneys.

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Law firms and corporations also face challenges when hiring new attorneys, often having to navigate an unending deluge of resumes and potential candidates. Sifting through numerous resumes to find qualified candidates can be tedious. For law firms seeking qualified attorneys, and candidates looking for the right attorney position, a legal recruiter can take the stress out of the equation.

At Garcia Legal Search, we have a team of professional legal recruiters, all of whom are former attorneys themselves. We are familiar with Tallahassee, the Leon County Courthouse, and the available jobs in the area. With our help, you can find attorney jobs or the right attorney candidates to enhance your law firm. Contact us today for help building your law office or assisting you in your attorney career path.

What Field of Law Is Most In-Demand?

When searching for attorney jobs, you should search for positions that you are most qualified for; that could include fields of law that are currently in high demand. Currently, the most in-demand practice areas are commercial law, real estate law, litigation, family law, medical malpractice, and intellectual property.

In addition to law firms, corporate legal departments are experiencing rapid growth. Financial services, healthcare, technology, and government sectors are all seeking attorneys with backgrounds in contract management, corporate transactions, compliance, mergers and acquisitions, and labor and employment law.

For any attorney, Tallahassee is a prime place to practice law in these in-demand areas. Working with a legal search recruiter who advises attorneys on how to secure these in-demand positions will enhance your chances of successfully finding one.

Types of Attorney Jobs Available in Tallahassee

Garcia Legal Search’s Tallahassee office can help you find the right match for your career trajectory as an attorney. You may find a job with the Florida Department of Management Services as a senior attorney or as general counsel with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

An opening at a law firm for a litigation attorney or a position for someone with liability insurance defense experience may best suit you in your desired legal field in Tallahassee, FL. For the healthcare sector, you may find a position in industry regulation.

Law firms are always looking for impressive talent. Additionally, advancing diversity under the Mansfield Rule Certification Program has affected the job market.

Why Use a Legal Search Firm to Get an Attorney Job in Tallahassee, FL?

Once you have your bar admission, you may be looking for your first attorney job. Perhaps you already have years of experience working at another firm and want to make a change.

No matter the reason you are looking for an attorney job in Tallahassee, FL, you should use a legal search firm to help you wade through the possibilities. It will significantly increase your chances of finding a company or law firm that matches your goals and helps you thrive in your career.

At Garcia Legal Search, we know that each attorney and each law office has unique needs that must be met. We use our extensive expertise and knowledge to help bridge the gap to lead the way to success.

For attorneys, we take care in matching you with our clients. We will first discuss the position with you and how your skills, experience, and qualifications can be a good fit. We always seek your permission first before taking the next step, allowing you to remain in control.

We pride ourselves on being responsive to everyone we work with to give you the personal attention you deserve. With our Tallahassee office location, we have built a solid reputation with the best law offices in the area. This allows us to have inside information on the available attorney jobs in Tallahassee.

Reach out to Garcia Legal Search today to simplify your search. Whether you are an attorney ready to grow into your career or a law office in need of impeccable talent, we will find you the perfect fit.

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Why You Should Choose Garcia Legal Search

As Tallahassee, Florida’s premier legal search firm, Garcia Legal Search is entirely focused on attorney placement services. Every one of our recruiters has held careers in the legal industry in Florida or locations such as Washington D.C., Colorado, and Pennsylvania.

Since we know how the legal world evolves, shifts, and changes, we stay current while keeping our focus on placing attorneys into jobs that will help their careers thrive. Starting any job search is difficult, but for attorneys, the specialized nuances can make it even harder to find that perfect legal position.

At our core, integrity, honesty, and communication allows us to completely focus and drive toward finding every attorney the right law office or corporation to help them excel in their career. When searching for a legal position in Tallahassee, FL, having a team behind you that is committed to your success is instrumental.
Choose Garcia Legal Search and our experienced team of legal recruiters to help make your dreams of finding an attorney job in Tallahassee a reality. Contact us today and let our premier legal recruiters help you make the right connections.

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