FAQ for Attorney Candidates

We have been in the legal recruiting business for over 18 years. All of our recruiters are attorneys who have worked and lived in your community. We have an extensive network of clients and understand the legal community. A good recruiter can also give you specific information about firm culture and reputation.

For most medium and larger firms, we can provide a detailed report for the particular firm that identifies compensation, hiring trends, profits per partner and practice areas.

Our candidates never pay a fee to work with us. We have partnered with firms and corporations who have retained us to find candidates.

We never submit your resume without your express permission. Our first step is to send an anonymous bio about you that contains nothing that would identify you. Once we ascertain from the client that there is an interest, we provide you with the name of the firm or corporation. You must give us permission to submit your resume. In cases where the practice area is within a small niche, and there is concern about confidentiality, we can put a Non-Disclosure Agreement in place. You are in charge of your search at all times.

We do this in two ways. We recruit for the open positions that come directly from our clients. If we don’t have a position open that matches your qualifications, we reach out anonymously to our vast network to market you to our current and prospective clients.

We do our best to ensure a good fit. It is important for us to understand firm culture and clients’ personalities. We can even offer a personality test if the client requires it. The most important thing is to make sure expectations are aligned. We facilitate this by providing as much information about the client and job as we have to you, and by being candid with the client about your qualifications.

Placements can be made in days or several months. We try to ensure that the job is a great fit in all aspects. Sometimes this happens quickly and other times it does not.

This is one of the best reasons to use a recruiter. A good recruiter gets to know you and your personal and career history. This way, if there is a gap in your resume, or an explanation is required regarding career decisions, the recruiter can explain to the client in an honest and unbiased manner.

You can always work with other recruiters. Our suggestion, however, is to work with no more than 2. Always make sure that each recruiter is ethical and asks permission before submitting your resume. This way, law firms are not receiving duplicate submissions which can look unprofessional.

Absolutely. We would prefer to place you with a firm or company that is of interest to you. We have many relationships in the community.

This is one of our favorite things to do. Our goal is to foster long-term relationships. We have placed candidates in firms who later become the client to our company. We are thrilled to provide information whenever we can, even if you are not ready to make a change. We hope that you remember how you were treated by us and come back when the time is right for you.

We ask that you keep the names of our clients in confidence and don’t contact them directly once we have provided you with their name. Many times, our clients are looking for candidates in confidence. Over many years, we have relationships with the top decision-makers in each firm. When we submit your resume, you can be assured that it will be viewed quickly and by the appropriate person.