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Navigating the legal job market in Florida can be unnerving for both employees and employers. Employees may have a difficult time if they do not know where to begin, who to approach and how to make the first move. Employers may struggle to find the perfect candidate for the attorney jobs they have available.

Garcia Legal Search can help connect employers with employees seeking attorney jobs in Florida. We have a proven track record of matching candidates with law firms and establishing a thriving professional relationship between the two. Whether you are a lawyer, other legal professional, or a law firm or a legal corporation, we can help you find the best professional fit. Contact us here to help you find a lawyer or legal job or to learn more about how our company can find you a legal professional.

Our Role As Legal Recruiters

Attorneys and other legal professionals can find it hard to find the perfect job, while law firms find it hard to connect with the ideal legal professional for a job opening. Our role as legal recruiters is to connect legal professionals with law firms and/or corporations and establish a perfect match. To do this, we stay on top of legal job trends in Florida, and with our extensive market knowledge and vast network, we can help both our law firm, or corporate, clients and attorneys and legal professionals find just what they need. Our recruiters are high-profile lawyers, who possess extensive knowledge and experience having previously worked for prestigious law firms and legal corporations. There is a reason why we have an unmatched retention rate, it is because we help our clients by researching the market and finding the best candidates.

If you are an attorney fresh out of law school looking for your big break or an experienced lawyer or legal professional looking for career advancement prospects, Garcia Legal Search can help find the job that matches your skillset and advances your career. Our premier clientele includes coveted legal professionals, lawyers, law firms, and legal companies who do not want to spend costly resources and time in the hiring or job-seeking process.

We understand that for law firms and corporations, the person to be hired can be an incredible asset. That’s why our company does all of the searching and paperwork on our client’s behalf. At Garcia Legal Search, we work with the utmost professionalism, discreetness, integrity, and responsiveness, and deliver precisely what is expected from our clients.

Our extensive experience of 19 years stands a testament to just that. Garcia Legal Search has achieved immense success, but without ever comprising our core principles or the quality of our premium services.

What Do We Offer To Attorneys

Legal professionals can find it difficult to land a job that pays well and utilizes the best of their skills. Garcia Legal Search helps legal professionals build a comprehensive profile and then sends them to the law firms we believe best fit their requirements and skill set. It is more complicated than it sounds and certainly needs a professional mind like ours at work for desired results. We also know what the law firm needs and helps the candidates prepare for the role they are applying for. Here is our three-fold method of preparing legal professionals -


A resume is the first link between employers and legal professionals and it is important that it stands out. It can mean the difference between getting an interview or not. We build a unique resume for each client reflecting their best skills and experience in order to impact the employer immediately.

We build the kind of CVs that stand out from the crowd instead of the type that gets lost under a pile of other resumes. In addition, we help potential candidates work on LinkedIn Profiles. With an eye-catching and informative LinkedIn profile, we hope to help you get the job of your dreams.

Interview Preparation for Legal Jobs, Florida:

The interview is the final step that decides if you’ll receive a job offer therefore making the right impression on the interviewers is crucial. Surprisingly, many legal professionals fail to understand the importance of thoroughly preparing for an interview.

Garcia Legal Search helps you prepare by discussing with you what you can expect from the interview, including briefing you on the kind of questions you could be asked. We share with you information on the law firm, its history, the work dynamics, what they expect from the ideal candidate, and more fully prepare you for any questions that may be asked of you.

Follow Up and Placement:

If you successfully pass all the stages of recruitment and get an offer from a law firm or corporation, we will assist you in examining the offer and getting the compensation you desire. We negotiate with the law firm until a contract to your liking is drawn.

Even after the placement, we remain in touch to ensure that you have been placed in the work environment that best suits your requirements and abilities. We also ensure that the company is satisfied with your services.

What Do We Offer To Employers

With so many lawyers and paralegals seeking attorney jobs and legal jobs in Florida, we help law firms and corporations survey the market and find the best candidate for the vacant position. Since we take the responsibility of finding you a perfect candidate, we save the law firm valuable time.

By asking essential questions and conducting a handful of meetings, our associates at Garcia Legal Search build a rough profile of the candidate you are seeking. We search the market for Florida Law Jobs and match the ideal attorney or legal professional with your law firm or corporation. The firm or corporation does not have to engage in the search process, which allows them to spend their valuable time tending to business needs. This is what makes us one of the most reliable legal search companies. Once you have selected the lawyer or legal professional for your firm or corporation, we stay in touch with you to make sure that you are satisfied.

Why Choose Garcia Legal Search

Whether you are an attorney struggling to find your way around Florida attorney jobs or an employer finding it difficult to get your hands on the perfect lawyer or legal professional for your company, Garcia Legal Search will be at your service for all these functions and more.

For over a decade, we have helped numerous legal professionals in Florida find jobs and opportunities in law firms and corporations where they not only realize their full potential, but where they also develop into experienced and successful lawyers.

For law firms and corporations, numerous law firms and corporations find our services in helping them find the right candidate invaluable. We pride ourselves on saving valuable time and money for our clients by bringing them exactly what they are looking for. We work with utmost integrity, responsiveness, and professionalism and hold the tenet of discretion in the highest regard. Our high retention rates with our clients will tell you the same, thanks to our extensive experience of 19 years.

Hiring a recruiter can make the lives of both employees and employers simpler. If you practice law or are a legal professional in Florida, the services of Garcia Legal Search can help you find a great job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge?

Our charges are set on a case-by-case basis. Please schedule a consultation with us today to get a quote.

How fast can you find my firm an attorney or another legal professional?

We get to work on finding you a legal professional as soon as a deal between us is finalized. The precise time frame differs in each case, depending upon several factors including what type of legal professional you’re looking for. Each case is unique.

How fast can you find me a job?

Once we schedule a consultation, we can discuss with you how long it could take to find you a job, as the time frame varies depending on several factors. We get to work as soon as a deal is finalized.