Finding a new position as an attorney or hiring a new attorney in this legal market can be challenging. The job market is highly competitive, and for each job posted, there are many applicants. As a job seeker, applying to positions in a timely manner can be time-consuming and frustrating. Sending your resume into a blind posting can seem like going into a black hole, with no way to follow up. As an employer, sifting through resumes that are not appropriate for the position you posted can be equally frustrating.

As an attorney, your reputation is important. Sending your resume to multiple postings and ads may not be the first impression you want to make with a prospective employer.  Using a legal recruiter, either for hiring or as your advocate can alleviate some of the stress involved in this process. A recruiter can present your resume professionally and to the appropriate firm or company. Legal recruiters, like the professionals you will find at Garcia Legal Search, will listen to your needs and place you with the firm best aligned with your professional and personal goals.

Legal Recruiters

Legal Recruiters

There are quite a few different methods of recruiting. At Garcia Legal Search, professionalism is our goal. We only send your resume to our clients with your express permission. This ensures that we have discussed the qualifications of the position thoroughly with you and that you agree with the submission.

Garcia Legal Search is built on the vision of providing each client and candidate with unique solutions that narrowly meet their needs. We are proud to be the only provider of attorney recruitment in Florida to have truly designed our operations to be responsive to the needs of our individual candidates. We frequently provide our candidates with firm reports and data that provide customized firm reporting exclusively for them. We strive to provide information on firm benefits and culture. When possible, we try to arrange for you to speak with and ask candid questions of current associates or partners in a non-interview setting.

Law Firm Recruitment

The legal job market landscape is changing, and with that comes new methods in finding, interviewing, and onboarding potential candidates. Many firms are seeking both lawyers and paralegals, ready to interview, and in some cases, offering remote start for new hires.

Before contacting potential employers, you should reach out to a legal recruiter who will assist you in building a professional profile and someone who has deep roots within the legal community. Working with a recruiter increases your chances of finding a firm or company that aligns with your career goals.

Using our services, candidates can continue applying for opportunities, become comfortable with phone and video interviews, and use us as a trusted resource. Our legal consultants have ties within the community that facilitate our recruitment and placement process. We understand the shifting nature of the market and will work with you to clearly define your career goals.


When submitting your resume, be sure to include a professionally written bio mentioning your education, skills, and experience. Our legal recruiters will listen to your objectives and look for opportunities that match those goals. Also, our team creates reports on firms in your practice area, which includes financial, staffing and diversity information.


Finding the right candidate or position on your own is not easy, and maintaining that relationship can be even more difficult. That is why, at Garcia Legal Search, we keep in touch with you after a placement is made. We will make sure that both the candidate and firm are satisfied, even after the guarantee period expires.


Once a job offer is made, your legal recruiter provides all the necessary information for you to make an informed decision. Our team of recruiters performs background and respective Bar checks on all candidates to reassure clients we properly vet our candidates.

Legal Careers in COVID

With screening, hiring, and training new employees being costly, law firms and companies are prioritizing retention as a measure to reduce their recruiting budget. Employers are increasingly using recruiters as the competition for candidates is at an all-time high. Using a legal recruiter can help you get your resume directly to the decision-maker in the most efficient manner.

Florida’s Top Legal Recruiters

Garcia Legal Search is devoted exclusively to attorney placement. All of our recruiters have worked within the legal industry in Florida or Washington D.C. Call Florida’s premier legal recruiters for help finding the best potential attorney candidates and legal employers. We understand the ever-changing landscape of the legal world and focus on ensuring that we place attorneys with the highest level of integrity.

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