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  • Approximately, what is the amount of your portable business, if any, and in what practice areas, generally?
  • What is your billable rate?
  • Are you looking “in confidence”? Note that as a matter of course, I will not submit your resume to a firm without first obtaining your authorization.
  • Where have you already submitted your resume? Note that it would be preferable if you give me a head’s up on where you may be considering submitting your resume as I may have contacts within the firm that may be beneficial.
  • Briefly, please explain the reason for leaving each of your previous jobs, including the reason for wanting to leave your current job.
  • Please provide some additional detail on your trial experience (i.e., jury vs. bench, 1st chair, 2nd chair, etc.)?
  • Have you been a party to any grievances, complaints, disciplinary actions and the like?
  • Please provide your undergraduate and law school GPA.
  • When are you available to start a new position?

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